Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More from the fabulous QuicKutz retreat

Part of the opening ceremonies of the retreat was a skit acted out by the QK sales reps (keep in mind there are no women sales reps!) dressed as the latest release - paper dolls! Gia caught part of it on video. Check it out - it was hilarious! The guys were great, particularly when you consider they had no clue whatsoever what they would be doing until the story unfolded. It was priceless. This is the best pic I got, unfortunately; the end of the skit when they were dancing to YMCA. Oh my gosh, we all laughed and laughed.
And this is Theron, Scrapbuggy's sales rep, dressed as the police officer paper doll.
Here Andrea shows us how to use the Letterpress with the Epic6 at one of the crops.

The results of the Letterpress are really lovely. Here are some samples.

Mandy Douglass of American Crafts took this picture for us at her class.

And here we are with Mandy after we finished the class. She's so sweet, and might I add, she had her adorable with a capital A, baby, Chad, with her and he loves me! :)


  1. Of course the baby loved you!

    The press looks pretty enticing!

  2. Congrats on the wee one....more fun.
    Re: the scroll work on the wedding invite from your retreat, can you share how that was done?
    Went with my mom and dad tonight to see my grands and their great grands.
    The 2 older ones have so much energy.
    But are still so good, and very fun to watch while holding their baby brother.
    Have a good Tues. Katie

  3. Katie (I don't have your email address anymore -- shoot me an email and I'll fill you in!) The projects were all done with the Letterpress and their templates, papers and inks. Impressive results but quite a process.


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