Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Rocks!

Did you go out Black Friday shopping today??? Holly and I hit Walmart about 8:30 this morning and believe it or not, we were through the checkout by 9:30! I got some awesome bargains and the best part -- ALL the Christmas shopping for the grandkids is DONE! Woohoo!! Of course, you have to live in a town of 5,000 for this to happen. LOL!! It's great on days like today, but every other day it's not always so great when it's the ONLY store (literally) in town.

So, my big bargain of the day--I bought the Cricut Expression for $199 PLUS, it came with TWO cartridges! Now don't go dissin' me -- I'm not being disloyal to my beloved QuicKutz ;) and I will never give up my QK tools and dies. I love all my QK alphabets and there isn't a single one of the Cricut alphas that I like (sorry Cricut alpha lovers LOL), but I do like some of the shapes and features that are not available in QK. Happy Christmas to me!! Thank you, honey. ;)

What bargains did you snag today, either in-store or online?


  1. no one will turn you in for buying a cricut. But how else are we cut out Disney and Hello Kitty shape.. Did you see michael's and JoAnne's had the cartridges at half off. Have fun playing with your Cricut...

  2. Great deal on the Expression. Michael's has the cartridges on sale for $29.99 thru tomorrow. I was good. I only bought one (smile)

  3. The picture of Gracie in our banner is beyond words, too sweet!


  4. Mae -- that picture is my oldest daughter, Cyndi at not quite 2 years old! She and Gracie's baby pics look so much alike her husband can't even tell them apart! :)


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