Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photo Op

P & O are MaryJane; the rest is Chocolate 4x8. For the speakers I used the 2x2 retired television die and just cut off the rabbit ears.

One night on our way back to our hotel, we heard the music to Michael Jackson's, Billy Jean, coming from the lounge downstairs in mom and dad's hotel. As we got closer we peeked in and saw this old man who had to be at least 95! singing and dancing to Billy Jean. It was a hoot! We applauded when he finished.

Earlier that same night we were at the mall and this fire dancer was there performing. We were up on the mezzanine but I thought I'd see if I could get pics anyway, even though it was dark. They came out totally black on my camera, but I left them on the card. When I got home and lightened them on the computer I was thrilled to see the fire dancer!

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