Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Hawaii pages

The Original Big Kahuna, Duke Kahanamoku, was a six time Olympic medalist in swimming and water polo, and was the father of international surfing. Duke's Barefoot Bar and Restaurant is in the Outrigger Waikiki hotel where we stayed. From Duke's you step right onto the sands of Waikiki beach. I scanned the menu and printed smaller versions for this page. These vintage photos are on the walls of the restaurant.

This is the view of Diamondhead from the bar. Isn't it awesome. Upper left, me and my sister, Kath; lower left, my sisters Kath and Sue after a couple of mai tais. The drink in the photo on the lower right is the Tropical Itch. And, oh my, is it yummy. It is served with a backscratcher. We went back to our room with two backscratchers each the first night. :)

L-R: Sue, Kath, Dad, me, Mom. The International Market Place directly across the street from our hotel was one of our favorite spots to just wander and look and spend our tourist money. LOL Besides fun booths to look at, the trees, plants and waterfalls were just gorgeous.

For the border I used the leafy vine and added my own "foliage" using the A's exclusive tropical leaves.

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