Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hawaii album is done! Yippee :)

My sisters and I sharing a silly moment. We have a lot of those, this just happens to be one mom caught on film. LOL

More of the sights:

The huge shirt is size 28XL and sells for $200. This is on display in one of the shops at the International Market Place.

My sister posing with Elvis. She's a huge fan, her house is full of Elvis stuff. And her email address is ElvisLivesOn.

Sue and Dad posing with the Copper Cowboy.

Tiki idol in one of the shops.

The fam having dinner at Chili's. Kathy always the goofball sticking out her tongue.

Donkey Balls banner outside the candy store. Sue couldn't walk by without getting a picture of the sign. That's just Sue. And Dad just shakes his head. LOL

Sue and I at the Cheesecake Factory.

Taking a water break after spending the day at the beach.

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