Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I hear it will be a big one!

I'm hoping this release will have some super fun stuff....the last couple of months I've not been enticed and my credit card has been safe, so I'm hoping I'll love the new stuff! A few of my wish-for ideas that I would love to see:

1) 4x4 magpie tins for Revolution die storage -- I emailed QK about a year ago suggesting this. About the same time I suggested the 12 inch platform and border dies. I hope they'll do this one too!!

2) As always, some new alphas in Classic and/or Grand size

3) Storage solution for the 12 inch borders

4) Wider borders, say 3 or 4 inches

5) 12 inch title borders would be very cool -- all one piece 'words' i.e. family, love, happy birthday, boys will be boys, girlie girl, etc.

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