Saturday, May 17, 2014

OCC, Day 11 Play Day1 (card 3 of 3)

For my final card of the day, I tried my hand at a "scene" card. This is a challenge for me as I find making scenery cards very difficult. It's a huge weakness for me. Nevertheless, I gave it a try using Paper Smooches Briny Blue stamp set.

The technique for the background, however, is pretty cool. I used distress stains for this one adding water and using a large flat brush to disperse the color across the paper. While the color is still wet, I sprinkled table salt over it. The salt absorbed the color from the areas it touched, leaving this cool bubbly affect. I was originally going to use it as a sunset, but loved the look of underwater bubbles and decided on the sea theme instead!

I also used a couple of other techniques in this same card. For the rocks and starfish, I stamped the image then watercolored inside the image; for the sea grass, I inked the image then spritzed with water and applied the wet stamp onto the paper. I think it makes it look more "wobbly" as if really under water!

distress stains
paper smooches, briny blue stamp set
sequins, glossy accents


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