Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gracie's Eggs

Luckily for Grace, she had Grampa Randy wrapped
around her tiny little finger almost from the day she
was born. Which made it very easy on her when she started teaching him about life and how it works. Here, she explains Easter eggs. And, as you can see, he listens very intently when she gives him instructions.

Grace 13 months
Easter, 2002


  1. Awe, Shar, how adorable!! Our children and grandchildren can teach us so much. We just have to have our minds open to learn the lessons.

  2. Shar ~ oh this is too CUTE! She is just ADORABLE! It always takes little ones to teach us about life! I LOVE how you journaled and the different fonts you used! The egg paper on the bottom is to PERFECT too! Awesome job!


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