Friday, September 06, 2013


and alakazzzzam! Look what I made! Magic wands!! I love these guys. Inspired by pinterest, I decided the grands, who are all enamored of Harry Potter, would appreciate a little token of handmade wizardy and made them each a wand of magic. :)

This is how they started:

Add hot glue and decorate with beads if desired.

Let cool completely - doesn't take all that long. Add paint. I used browns then lightly brushed gold on them so they look oldish. Seal with mod podge if you want to. I don't know if it's necessary, but I did.

Add ribbon if you want to. I thought they would be more fun to swish magic around if the ribbons were swishing too. :) I made 8 of them (the pics are not the same four).

Voila! Magic wands, Harry Potter style. Sorta. Well, maybe. Ok I've never seen Harry Potter or even read the books so I wouldn't know if they are or not! LOL But hey.....MAGIC! :)

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  1. Beautiful work! Love these!

  2. These are quite special and magical for sure! They remind me of carved walking sticks and do look like old wood. Cool project. Now you can watch the movies with the grands!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  3. Well! Who'd have thought it!!! Chopsticks turned magic wands! Only you Shar, only you! LOL They are smashing!(Going to try this).
    Huggles. xxx

  4. Oh WOW this are fabulous Shar!!! I paid a pretty penny a few years ago for a wand when Cassie went through a Harry Potter thing. Hehehe come to think of it, they had all the movies on this weekend and she camped in her room watching! Great post Shar! Love and Hugs, Cathryn :)

  5. Shar ~ UGH!!! I am with Cathryn!! Are you seriously kidding me!! This is so stinking CLEVER!! I LOVE it! I will take one of these along with those foam swords (hehehe) and I will be set! So happy I started bog stalking today or I would have missed this!!! Awesome as always!!

  6. This is waaaaayyyy too cool!!! This project looks like its loads of fun to make and the kids would be crazy happy to have their own "magic wand". I have a very large family with many kids, and this seems like a cool thing to make for them. Thank you sooo much for sharing. Really FAB IDEA!!! Hugz:) Taylor


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