Monday, October 04, 2010

Use those scraps!

Lately I've really been into using scraps and layering. I love the technique and I'm very thrifty {oh who am I kidding...I'm a serious tight-wad! LOL} so I hate throwing away pieces of my scrapbook paper, particularly if it's a pattern I really like. Plus, it feels great to have a completed project using bits you would normally have thrown away.

If I challenged you to use at least six different pattern papers on a page could you do it? On top of that, add ribbon, brads, five shapes and an alphabet. Still think you can do it? Well, I wouldn't have thought I could do it either, but by the time I finished this page, that's exactly what I ended up with! Other than the kraft base sheet, every piece on this page is a scrap that was laying on my work top from other projects, including the lace, which I typically would toss before starting another project.

The title is handwritten and the monogram letters for the girls' initials are QuicKutz Roxy. Shapes are QK nesting stars, circle, index tab, and label for the title. The scallop/dot border is a punch by Martha Stewart.

{FYI, I've replaced the blade on my trimmer since cutting this apple paper. It doesn't look nearly so bad in person, but looks especially ratty in close up picture view! LOL}

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