Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is about as techy as we get!

We aren't all that into electronics and technology at our house, but we do have a few of the bare bones pieces to helps us keep up, somewhat, with the progress around us. I say "we" and "us" but what I really mean is, "me".....the Randmeister is still learning to use the DVD player, has no clue how to even power up the computer, and refuses to have a cell phone. (Though I am really getting tired of him not having one, so he might end up with one sooner or later, like it or not.) I'd be lost without an internet connection so a computer and cell phone are items I will never again be without, even in my old old age I think. ;)

Grace uses my cell phone to call her mom and dad or her cousins when she stays with us. She doesn't need instructions on how to use it like her grampa does. LOL Title fonts are Rollerskate and Garden. I've used the Scrapbuggy Exclusive Electronics die for the cell phone .....

.....and the cute Kids die for a mini-Grace. I used monkey and banana stamps on blue paper to copy her pajamas and added a bow to the boy hair for her short haircut.

Here Grace checks her email on my mini Dell. I used more shapes from the Scrapbuggy Exclusive Electronics die for this page. The shapes are so well designed and fun to use!

There are a few web abbreviations that I use a lot, but I'm still really bugged by many that are used as regular every day words in typed text - "u" for "you" is one of them that makes me yell at my computer. LOL I've used several fonts on this page; QK Disco, Studio Classic and skinny mini, Khaki skinny mini, and Oatmeal.

OMG is one I use ALL the time! It means "oh my gosh" or "oh my goodness" when I use it -- I say it a dozen times a day in addition to typing it on my blog, emails, or facebook so it's probably my favorite. :)


  1. Great work. LOVEEE the mini Grace, never thought of stamping on die cuts!

    My 10 year old shows me how to work anything with a plug LOL

  2. The cell phone is to "die" for... too dang cute! You never cease to amaze me with your talents! Have a great day friend! Vicki


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