Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Evil Bernadette

No, this is not Grace's evil twin! This is Grace being silly and threatening to use the rolling pin on grampa. LOL! For the title on this fun page I've used Moxie and Sonja classic alphabets. Embellishments are 2x2 witch's hat, rolling pin, speech bubble, and tiny hot mitt from the 4x4 chef costume dies.

Journaling--the story behind the photo:
Making baguettes. Grace and I decided to make baguettes to have with our pasta dinner. For dinner we sliced open the loaves and added garlic butter. They were delicious. While I made the "real" ones, she wanted to make her own mini version. It was the cutest little bitty baguette! But she could not seem to remember the word baguette and referred to them as bernadettes. It was so cute the name stuck and forever more baguettes will be known in my kitchen as bernadettes.

As we were cleaning up after our bread baking, grampa Randy came in and proceeded to give Grace a hard time, as he is prone to do. They love teasing each other. She picked up the rolling pin and proclaimed, "I think Randy needs a rolling pin treatment!" We laughed so hard at the look on her face with the evil rolling pin ready to start swinging. I love that Grace has the family trait whacky sense of humor. We always have such fun when she comes to stay with us.

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